Wednesday 5 February 2014

3 Poems by ava bird

aliens are in

talking about aliens
used to be a faux-pas
but now
they're on every channel
every corner
in conversations overheard
email boxes
I heard
even my neighbors now!

I see ufo's all the time now too!
I used to think it was crazy
arizona stuff
but chemtrails spraying slime
are unidentified flying objects in the sky
who are they &
what do they want?
what in heavens are they spraying?

now, ufo's are a part of life
with so many aliens in hollywood
and venice beach
swimming with freaks
sand hags and
dudes in drag
on dank
stupid muscles
and aliens are washing up
on the beach these days!

birth is an out of body experience

birth is an out of body experience
like bowel movements:
what goes in these days
is what should come out
the other end
of a beginning
and the ending
 is always a new way
to begin again
anyway we look at it
we are always coming and going
going and coming
changing and growing
beginning and ending
though purgatory is a channel to pass through too
we can make the best of everything
 anywhere we find ourselves
its always a good time
to begin again
surrendering to
a brand new ending...

real change

don't scare the white people!
don't disrupt their happy little lives
with white sugary pies
& lies like god and protein and fluoride
& oh my!
 how do we take it sometimes?!
 in the land of the not-so free
lost souls on pills, coke kills, ball thrills
toxic shock chills
awed over bills
from remote control gas and shit on cable
telecom taps
google spying
abel and cain babble
two bible thumping dicks that can't just get along! 
i mean, cant we all get along?
beyond borders, disorders, fears
 and new world orders
for peace and justice,
social democracy
responsibly conscious
pure harmony
real freedom
in the land of the free
 and home of the brave
revolutionary change makers of society


ava bird is a pranic poet, author, writer and loves the pacific. the mother ocean womb provides  her with infinite creativity, amazing beauty and great changing waves and tides for awakeness.  inspired by the every moment,  ava bird also creates recipes of healthy edibles, magical elixirs, medicinal shakes, juices, produces fun events and free form poetry.

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