Wednesday 5 February 2014

3 Poems by David Sermersheim


wind sings
in the strings
of an open window

so still a rock
tumbles silently
down hill

night feels like blue silk
running through
open fingers

we are alone
silhouetted against
the circle of the moon

drawn into the
arc of distant


so much hinges
on “if”
and/or “but”
perhaps “maybe”

mention “no”
and the proposition
collapses into a
heap of best
intentions denied

“here” is not “there”
“where” cannot be “”when”
“then” is not
“now” and
never could be “ever”

“maybe” is where
I’ll be found
after the proud
get their round

nothing more
is due
but  if you
have to ask
to get a clue
you’ll never know

Let Us Go

let us go
you and I
to where the
water meets the sky
and be one again
before all is done
and winter’s dim dark chill
draws down hard and fast
and we cower
from each sullen blast
of rancor hurled
in hostile fling
against what endures
through tentative hour
while waning dreams
fade faster than
feeble ambition
can sustain
abiding the angular course
to quiet realms
of solemn darkness
in peace


David Sermersheim is a poet and musician, living in southern Connecticut. He taught at The Hotchkiss School for thirty-three years. His poems have appeared in many journals and quarterlies, and his three poetry blogs are listed on his Facebook page.

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