Wednesday 5 February 2014

1 Poem by Jeremy Nathan Marks

with ache

with ache
my fingers feel the felt of bark

it swaddles old woman tree

old woman tree
who guards days
when winter pays the ticket

even the ancient keeper
of turn styles
trembles with his approach

old woman tree
she does not protest
the one kind act

dressed with snow
the old man dresses her wounds
puts her circles in a box

where i find her

with ache-


Jeremy Nathan Marks is an American who came to Canada seven years ago and can’t decide if the cows he sees in his dreams are fat or thin. By moving away from his native land he somehow has become more connected with his roots. Poetry and photography are his Muses while the PhD he came here to do has become more like an overstayed guest. His work has been published in The Blue Hour, Lake: A journal of arts and environment, Wilderness House Literary Review, Northern Cardinal Review, at The Camel Saloon, Vox Poetica and over at Nostrovia! Poetry. You can follow his work at his blog: and on Facebook at

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