Wednesday 5 February 2014

2 Poems by Joneve McCormick


They hold the secrets of our past and future,
revealing how we create our worlds
from memories made long ago
like those of a clam and its surf;

shell and surf, as if by magic
becoming bony jaws and foam-topped milk
irritations becoming pearly teeth,
on to a mercedes with a roaring motor
we've quieted down, opening its hood…

we catch ourselves in our dramas.

I am

In the leaves
and  between
I flicker across trunks
weave ribbons of light
slither up bark
swing branch to branch
flatten and fade
gleam, upright
nothing and everything.


Joneve McCormick is a writer, editor, translator and photographer living in Santa Barbara, California. Her poems have been widely published online and on paper. Her most recent work is published in an ebook, Three Poets: Voices from the West Coast, which includes the work of Koon Kau Woon and Changming Yuan and is available on and Lulu.

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