Wednesday 5 February 2014

2 Poems by jackelin j jarvis


Enlightened beings for thee I hear
Brought to the table with belly's clear
Endowed with gurgles, gas, and hiccups
Bear claws and muzzles and Goldie in chair

Sleepless thoughts rise in bubbles
Glide away into earthly hollows
Rooted knocker awakens whom?
Underbreast a woodland, in twigs and stubbles

Hearing song so softly uttered
In a place beyond dream so craftly cluttered
Swinging a skirt marked with red and gold
Is locks covered with a cream-hooded shutter

Wind abode with signs of tempest
Inching to reclasp that path-like nest
Back to the place where once she slept
Back to the place where she met three guests


In a bitter wood stood a tree scarred with ax
next to him an oak burled by sapping wax

Down the way an odd hole murking with wet
was raising a red wood tree which protruded from its depths

Its crown was inhabited by beings in balls fluttering about its leaves
so woe to those whose hearts bittered while chopping up the trees

The spirits of the trees bonded to the red dwarfs
in a bitter wood where micro-tear threads flew then morphed

With each wound the birch and maple's veins would ooze
Lutins turned red, whence went to bruise

Who would do such a violent thing?
For wood or paper, not fit for a king

For the screams of the trees spooked the hobs people
a fleeing of bees rang the highest steeple

Dragonflies, fireflies, and butterflies so ill...
guarded a gate before a sill
Marred with unlived life and smothered and stilled
in a bitter wood such hearts were minified and chilled


Born in Springfield Massachusetts home of Dr. Suess, I began my artistic journey by way of organ lessons
at the age of seven. Not until I was thirty-six did I know I had a poetess within. It was in Italy
in the village of Rocca Priora southeast of Rome where my inner life had been renewed and many
gifts were unleashed. As of late, I've published poetry with Miller's Pond Magazine, authored the book
"The Devils of Rome Made Me Do It", and a book called Aphorisms Anytime. Currently, I live in Connecticut with my dearest grandmother Lucy, where I can draw, create stories, poems and other written works.

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