Wednesday 5 February 2014

3 Poems by Fahredin Shehu

Moon & Stars
I                                                                                                                      II

Moon                                                                                                              Stars
As                                                                                                                   sparkling
Unveiled                                                                                                         are
Beauty                                                                                                             tonight
Bright                                                                                                              are to be
Echoes                                                                                                             remembered
The songs                                                                                                        beyond
Of the King                                                                                                     Men
Inspiration                                                                                                       capacity
Comes                                                                                                             we’ve
In a blast                                                                                                         forgotten
When                                                                                                               one
She wears                                                                                                        truth
The silken                                                                                                        we are
Tunic                                                                                                               here
As for                                                                                                               then
Shining                                                                                                             they
As neon                                                                                                            only
Nowadays                                                                                                        shows
Nobles                                                                                                              and remind
Reside                                                                                                               the mutual
Hastily                                                                                                              existence
The web                                                                                                            as we
Is too                                                                                                                 do see
Complicated                                                                                                     nearly
To be                                                                                                                what
Unknotted                                                                                                        we chose to…
We tie                                                                                                               do feel
Our tongues                                                                                                      randomly
Nine times                                                                                                        what
We utter                                                                                                            we love to…
The screams                                                                                                      the rest
Only                                                                                                                   remains

Obsidian heart

On Time debris’ of a mere walk throughout
The continental part of the Soul lies
Heart’s sharp edges cutting the flesh
Of evil dispersed hastily- a lonesome
Pinfeather is flying around with the tough
Message- some might say a Revelation
She longs for unveiling the Mystery
Beyond Men understanding- through Aeons
Meandering in the rainbow side of the Shade
A rooster announces a new day while
The Redemption seems far away
Sharp is the heart as dark as the darkest night
When no star sparkles to show the road to the seeker

The fifth finger

I red books
four of them
they seem to me as four fingers
each kept its own secret
that led me in for ways

the fifth finger was of heart
as Sun was painting others
and kept the frozen secret
ice like the heart of Sun

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