Wednesday 5 February 2014

1 Poem by Tatjana Debeljacki


There is no truth,
the truth and the lie
support each other!
In every truth
there is something deceiving!
The ambitious lie
is not so deceiving,
fictional, not eternal.
There is no truth contained in it
adjusted by itself.
It is solving the riddle of mystery
not paying attention if the truth
when is twisted becomes the lie!
These two opposite powers
continuously set each other to motion,
they deny each other in word puns,
start up fury, revenging rage.
Riddling, solving, I’m ashamed of you!
My eyes are hidden under the veil,
colors of light astonishing scale!!!


Tatjana Debeljacki writes poetry, short stories, stories and haiku. She is a Member of Association of Writers of Serbia -UKS since 2004. She is Haiku Society of Serbia- Deputy editor of Diogen. She also is the editor of the magazine Poeta. She has four books of poetry published. Email/Websites/Blogs Debeljacki & follow her on Twitter.

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