Saturday 5 May 2018

1 Poem by Jenn Powers

A Thousand Miles

highway wind against fingertips
tractor trailers on interstate 80
tornadoes across the plains
a stranger at a rest stop
gas station coffee
chrome orange detours
solitaire on the hood of a car
cherry slushee at midnight
overnight floods

lonely motel pools plastic chairs cement
the freeway—white—with moonlight
t-shirts and jeans and chucks
petty  and springsteen on the radio
obama on breakfast nook t.v.
security abandoned to the city,                                              lust
to come on the avenue
the cowboy                                                                            bars
with tattooed roughnecks
jack daniels                                                                           
my back crashing against stall doors                                       
hungry tongues of ash and Guinness

hikers move across deserts mountains dunes
coffee shops & pot brownies & flip flops
thompson & kerouac & ginsberg
the rockies with their snow and light
bighorn sheep
boulder kissing the east coast
letting each other drown in wet snow
by the blue light of dusk

everyone hurting loving                                                         leaving
the road a                                                                                gift
love a                                                                                      curse
the mountains infinite                                                             immortal

i resurrect to hen eggs and pepper bacon
an ache, a fruition, a dream
a goodbye
i’m here and not here                                                              i fall
to my knees at your kitchen sink
need need need            need                                                    need
how painful you are
how                                                                                         painful you are


Jenn Powers is a writer and photographer from New England. She is currently writing a CNF memoir and her most recent work is published or forthcoming in Hayden's Ferry Review, Jabberwock Review, The Pinch, Gulf Stream Lit Mag, and Raven Chronicles, among others. Please visit

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