Saturday 5 May 2018

1 Poem by Maureen Daniels

Seth’s Pond, Martha’s Vineyard

The sand splashed road curves
around the handmade wooden fence,
bright with beach towels
threaded through the bleached,
splintering, slats. Earfuls of children’s
laughter beneath the single cloud
that roams over the island.
A small plane roars a flock of black
birds from out of the circle of trees
where the sunlight is beginning
to fade behind the moon’s skeleton.


Maureen Daniels teaches English at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, where she is also a doctoral fellow in creative writing. She is an editorial assistant for Prairie Schooner and Western American Literature. Her work has recently been published in Sinister Wisdom, Neologism Poetry Journal, Gertrude Press, Third Wednesday and the South Florida Poetry Review.

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