Saturday 5 May 2018

2 Poems by Nicole Leckenby


She runs out of her house with her gym bag tightly by her side. She protects the contents of the bag with her life. It is her passion she carries in that bag.

She arrives at the empty studio, taking care as she removes each toe shoe from her bag. She wraps her toes with tape before she dons her satin slippers. Securing each shoe with the pink ribbon ties, she readies herself.

She stretches. The wood in the shoes echoing through the empty room with each passing step. She practices.

Arabesque, Attitude, Chasse’

With music only running in her head, she glides across the floor. Again and again. She is flawless her steps exquisite.

No one there to watch her, no one to critique her style. She is dancing for her life for her love.

My Tears

I cried a thousand tears since that dreaded day
The day I found out you were no longer here
The sadness that overcame me
The loss that I feel
I have never experienced it before
My blue eyes are grey from all the tears shed
The joy that filled me is gone
My heart is broken in two
Emptiness has consumed my being
Wishing that you were still here
You used to make my tears flow from laughter
Now nothing but sadness
We will be together again one day
Watch over me until then
And don’t be upset with the tears I shed


Nicole Leckenby, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, has a bachelors degree in Media Communications is the co-creator and editor for The Holiday Cafe.  She is a mom of two very energetic young boys.  In her spare time she finds time to write, mostly non-fiction but is branching out.

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