Saturday 5 May 2018

5 Haiku & 8 Artworks by Lorette C. Luzajic

Joseph Cornell Haiku

light tripping over
apothecary glasses
blue, gold, a butterfly wing

Orange Truck Haiku

shiny and new
orange truck
a crimson gash in the snow

Grief Haiku

hope is the thing with feathers,
but grief is the thing
with the dark hungry maw

Gratitude Haiku

I am thankful for
strawberries in March, for
pink sugar from soil

Champagne Haiku

jolly rancher, apricot
clear and sweet and soft
oh, zinfandel

all lies and jest

dance faster

dreamers learn to steer by stars

free your mind

i've forgotten what it was i was so desperate to tell you


most wanted

you are amazed by how fleeting it all was 

you've got to know when to hold  em

Artist Statement 

Every technical and philosophical facet of my art is committed to the application of mixed media, redefining the term to include concepts and ideas as well as tangible physical materials. This cross-genre pasticcio is born from and dependent on collage, which naturally experiments with subliminality, intercontextuality and the unexpected narratives that emerge from both playful and planned juxtapositions.

Each work is assembled from an unlimited assortment of tools, themes, genres, and inspirations. A work may be created from acrylic paint, gouache, found papers, chalk pastels, oil sticks, wax crayons, graphite, spray paint, poetry, overheard dialogue, religious ritual, music, mythology, television, and etymology.

My expression springs from my insatiable curiousity, bent humour, the intersection of the sacred and inane, and enchantment with the fruits of human innovation and creativity. To this end, an ongoing lifelong study of visual art history, the arts, and the humanities, is essential to my work.

From serene, minimalist abstractions to frantic pentimenti imbroglio, my work  embraces appropriation and challenges constructs of genre, colour orthodoxy and technical craftsmanship. But the traditional importance of beauty in millennia of art history is a conviction I share. To obtain beauty in every work, I  strive to evoke emotion, achieve mastery of composition, and discover new ways of seeing and defining what is beautiful.


Lorette C. Luzajic is an artist and writer in Toronto, Canada. She is the author of four collections of poetry, and editor of The Ekphrastic Review ( Her mixed media collage paintings have been exhibited in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Tunis, Mexico, India and more. Visit her at

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