Saturday 5 May 2018

2 Poems by Victoria Crawford

(feelings when standing in sunlight slanting through leaves and canopy in a deep, silent forest)

beams slide down the leaves
in green variegations
emerald glass splinters.
Silent windchimes slant light
through branched lofts suspended   
from robin eggshell sky.

Stand in light gleamed joy.
Sun melts into contentment.
Pine purity relaxes on the air,
resin heated soft and sticky.

Single moment captured,
circular stillness                                     
sunlight, shadelight
smiling down among trees
right now, alone together.

California Redwoods by Albert Bierstadt

Flush and Blush

Puling on a silky new blouse,
improbable with pink and purple
roses growing on the same tree,
I add blush plastic opal
flower earrings, color a
sliding reflection like
the flush of girlish cheeks,
to cyclamen shorts and plum shoes.
In my hometown, I'd look odd,
too jazzy, a noisy combo,
like shoulder hanging wisteria.
Outside are amethyst irises,
snobby above dwarf coleus,
each leaf raspberry hearted.
The periwinkle in the
sidewalk waves purple palms.
Sawat-dee-ka, sabaidee mai?
Hello, the world is flower full
today, and how are you?

From a Thai seed packet


Connections between seemingly separate is a point of beauty and feeling that poet Victoria Crawford likes to explore and map new territories in her work whether it is trying to define a Japanese concept in English, revealing the intense floral life of Chiang Mai, Thailand, or seeing child dreams in a Degas' painting.  The poet's works have been published in various journals such as Wildflowers Muse, The Ibis Head Review, Peacock Journal, and Hektoen International.

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