Saturday 5 May 2018

Editor's Notes

dear PP Friends,

while we are grateful to all potential submitters for their kind support, we would like to remind every prospective submitter of the following three points, which seem to have been ignored over and over again:

1. when submitting to PP, please paste up to 5 poems together with a brief 3rd person bio note in the body of your email to us; we do not open attachments, nor will we request any bio upon acceptance - this will help reduce our computer time;
2. once accepted, please wait at least one year before submitting new work again - this will allow us to feature more authors.
3. as our attention span is short, we always prefer shortish and mostly lyrical poems.

one interesting development concerning our publication is that in April a business entity approached us hoping to become part of our Journal. although the collaboration did not go through, this anecdote indicates that our e.zine is beginning to attract attention even from the non-poetic' world.

more intriguingly perhaps, an internationally renowned poet and playwright of greek origin recently contacted us about the translation of his critically acclaimed trilogy into chinese. excited about this literary venture, we are now trying hard to have it translated by the best possible qualified translator(s) and published by a highly respectful chinese publishing house. it is our sincere hope his work will get readerly attention it deserves from the huge chinese-speaking world through our efforts.

we are happy to be functioning as a literary/cultural bridge between the English and Chinese speaking worlds.

in this issue, we are honoured to present 61 poets and 3 visual artists.

happy reading/viewing, and have a great spring/summertime!

as always,

- eds. @ PP

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