Saturday 5 May 2018

1 Poem by Tony Beyer


Eritrea is a desert land
but many of its inhabitants
have died by drowning

victims also of the planet’s
most advanced lying technology
capable of processing almost anything into truth

neither e- nor im-
they were just migrants
suggesting they might end up anywhere

or nowhere
because for many interested parties
the sea was the convenient solution

thou Ethiop is Shakespeare’s insult
regarding alien ugliness
his heart of darkness

yet these tall silent wraiths
who stride through consciousness and conscience
were beautiful


Tony Beyer is a New Zealander whose work has appeared internationally in Atlanta Review, Hamilton Stone Review, Jazz Cigarette and Otoliths. His recent books are Nine Songs (Puriri Press, Auckland, NZ 2017 ) and Anchor Stone (Cold Hub Press, Lyttelton, NZ 2017 ).

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