Saturday 5 May 2018

2 Poems by Catori Sarmiento

White Horse Mountain

Charcoal clouds weep cleansing rain
that splatters and disappears into a mirror lake
reflecting mountains
where from the mouth,
whispering winds speak.
Their waterless voices catch my own,
leaving stinging salt on my tongue
and a soddy scent upon my nose.

Whisper Song of Summer

Absent rainstorms mock with morning dew drops.
Crisp grass and burning soil ache for the sky’s tears.
Wind astray, the air heavy.
Hanging from chapped bark, shaded by parched leaves,
cicadas sing; their chirps rattle.

An opal moon cuts through the sweltering light.
A streak of blue;
lightning crack,
breaking the world
into a melody of rushing water;
a blue serenade.


After growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Catori Sarmiento’s world travels have often inspired her unique writing style. When not exploring the many cracks and crags in Japan, Catori Sarmiento spends her time writing poetry and prose. As an author, her works have appeared in numerous literary publications.

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