Saturday 5 May 2018

2 Poems by Donald E. Gasperson

this is my choice

to nurture an emptiness
not a belief

trying to catch a fact
this isn’t that at all

and mind expansion
can be dreadful in its intimacy

with a wink and a nod
at the chemical cabinet

open wide to misinterpretation
or closed with denial

I unwind the mystery
of my own human agency

with ungovernable questions
and tea in the evening

plays a hollow reed


the buddha
flagrant in his transparency

was motivation and motion
for those with sensible shoes

but being barefoot 
quiets the idle mind

and mindfulness
is a simple thing


Donald E. Gasperson received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Washington and earned a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. He has worked as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor with the chronically mentally  ill.  He writes as an exercise in physical, mental and spiritual health.  He has had poems published or accepted for publication by Quail Bell Magazine, Big Windows Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, Five Willows Literary Review,  Three Line Poetry and WINK.

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