Saturday 5 May 2018

1 Poem by Terry Stolz

Into the Night
My face is full and fusty
My mind is on the blink
I’m burning up inside, I shiver into the night
Blankets pulled tightly under my neck
Let me rest until its light
A single tear flows down my cheek

I’m burning up inside, I shiver into the night
Blankets pulled tightly
Thoughts running rampant
Confusion is the conclusion
I’m burning up inside, crud in my eyes

I’m burning up inside, I shiver on into the night
Blankets tossed aside and my mind lies
What was I thinking? Wishful thoughts
Spring at the front door, winter at the back

Aspirations are squandered
Memories forgotten
The horizon nourishes a fool’s paradise
Creating an air castle bolstering my fancy


Terry Stolz, is a graduate of the Masters of Written Communication Program at National Louis University. He is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and a member of SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society. Terry’s folktale: “The Bear and The Hare” and his poem, “Blindman” were published in the Mosaic 2015 literary anthology. Terry’s memoir “A Son No More” was chosen for the 2016 Mosaic. Four of Terry's poems have been published in the Cowboy Chronicle Magazine. Terry’s poem “He Walks with Me” was published in The Write City Magazine. “Desert Goddess” and “Need for Another” were published in the Rockford Writes 2015 anthology. Mr. Stolz’s essay “Good Morning World” was included in the 2016 RWG’s Rockford Review. August 23,2017 my poem, “Stranger in Church” was published in Z Publishing’s book: Illinois’ Best Emerging Poets.

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