Saturday 5 May 2018

3 Poems by Huguette Bertrand


Fall is misfortune for trees
showing themselves naked
with branches embracing
the greyness
dripping from the eyes
of lost people
passing by

When spring shows up
trees start looking smart
dressed up
with newborn leaves
drawing smiles
on faces of people
walking around

Since summer is scorched
and winter is frozen
let’s enjoy the trees
with their newborn leaves
swirling around people
and drawing a poem
on each mind


On a rainy day
some walk in the mud
while some walk in their mind
just counting raindrops
like cristal marbles
on their way home

homeless in the mud
would exchange raindrops
but the mind is too busy
to share it's marbles
in this rainy day

Let's drop the walks
the mud and the mind
and leave the marbles
rolling on sideways
in the rain


Take all the walls down
and let dreams comme out
from darkness
letting them expand
in the wilderness
of all memories
behind closed doors

Take all the walls down
to let the flowers grow
and all the trees also
fragrance and shade
will radiate the whole landscape
of the wounded minds
laying on the canvas
of dusty times

Let's take the bricks of walls
to build houses
leaving open
smiling doors
to enjoy the wind blowing
enchanted words
wrapped in light


Huguette Bertrand is a French-Canadian poet, digital artist and editor, born in Sherbrooke (Québec), Canada. She has published 33 poetry books. Her poems were also published in many poetry journals and anthologies in Canada, France, U.S.A., Wales (U.K.), Romania, India, and on many websites the last 20 years.  She took part in Poetry Readings, Book Fairs, Exhibits of poetry on photos in Québec, France and Norway, gave Workshops in Quebec and France. She is the representative of the international movement Immagine & Poesia in Canada and editor of anthologies for this said movement.

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