Saturday 5 May 2018

5 Poems by Allen Qing Yuan

Waltzing with Vancouver among Cherry Blossoms

Two rebels break from the formation during the finale,
Desiring to demonstrate their own worth

The other performers swirls and spins together,
But the couple twirls all over

Up & down a graceful, invisible roller-coaster
Rising as high as divine entertainers

Their pinkness is not utter embarrassment;
But rather pure passion and devotion

The pack would be proud
If not for the ferocious metallic monster

Who displayed the most
Overwhelming performance of all


In the climate of my heart
You will evaporate into the blue
If I am too hot; or become frozen
If too cold; but you will always
Remain clear, soft, pure, ready

To flow gracefully, as long
As the temperature is mild enough

Mocking Practice on SAT Analogies  

President Obama is to real change as 
President Bush was to true peace

Republican senators are to family values as
Family values have been to domestic violence

Fire is to forest as
Hurricanes is to beach

                       Afghanistan was to Iraq as
                       Iraq was to Vietnam

Brush is to a painter as
Word to a liar 

                                       Trump is to a great America as 
                                        Gatsby to a mature personality 

How Come

You really
Me? She

Us? I 
You? He

Them? One
Her? We

You? It
Us? They


Summer Stanza

firefire firefire
  firefire   firefire
           firefire              firefire
firefire     firefire
    firefire firefire
firefire fire     firefire
firefirefire efirefirefire


Allen Qing Yuan (born in Vancouver in 1995), author of Traffic Light, is a 2-time Pushcart and one-time Best of the Net nominee. Currently he is working in Vancouver as an intern. Since grade 10, Allen has had poetry appear in more than 70 literary publications across 16 countries, which include Cordite Poetry Review, Literary Review of Canada, Poetry Scotland, Shampoo and Spillway.

Allen is also the co-founder of a popular clothing brand Above the Movement. For more, please visit his websites:: ; ; Twitter: @ATMovement

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