Monday 5 May 2014

1 Poem by Bing Xin

The Paper-Boat
 — To Mother

Always I cherish even a sheet of paper,
And as a rule keep and keep it,
And fold it into one little boat after another,
Lowering them into the sea from my boat.

Some blown into the windows of the boat,
Others wetted by waves, sticking on the fore.
I remained heartened and fold it every day,  
Always hoping one of them would flow where I want it to.

Mother, if you see a little white boat in your dream,
Don’t feel surprised as it.
It is tearfully folded by your most loved daughter, through all rivers,
Asked to return loaded with her love and sorrow.

About the author:
Bing Xin (19001999), originally named Xie Wanying, female, was a native of Changle County, Fujian Province. In 1921, she joined the Literary Research Association sponsored by Mao Dun, Zheng Zhenduo and others. In 1923, she went to study in America. After her return to China in 1926, she taught in Yanching University and Qinghua University. From 1949 to 1951, she lectured “Chinese New Literature” at Tokyo University, Japan. After her return in the autumn of 1951, she was successively the member of China’s Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the secretary at the Secretariat of Chinese Writers’ Association. Her major works include Stars, Spring Water, A Collection of Bing Xin’s Poems. She was also the translator of many collections of foreign poems. Her Complete Works of Bing Xin is known to the world. 
                                                (Tr. by Yang Xu)

[The editor's note:: the above work is selected from 300 New Chinese Poems (1917-2012), a Chinese-English college reader published by Poetry Pacific Press in October 2013.]






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