Monday 5 May 2014

3 Poems by Jordan Crowder

Shadows Within- Free-form

Seductive whispers in the gloom of night 
speak to the primal being deep within. 
Ancient urges rise to the surface of
memories’ pool and unconsciously felt
desires become stark new realities.

The flower-scented winds of mid-summer
caress chocolate fur as the darkness
becomes brother and we run the stag to
ground. A box canyon moonlights as a tomb
while a whippoorwill serves a eulogy.

Dark stains mar pale muzzle as a high keen
whistles between glistening teeth and the
world knows that tonight we lose no sleep to
hunger. Soon, our young cubs will swell plump with
meat-food and they will be curled in slumber.

Bones between teeth become a blade in hand
and as I gaze down upon on my grisly
handiwork I realize none of us
are immune to the haunting sound of the
most animalistic siren of all.


Immortal Legacy- Free-form

Mortal heart beats fast as shaking
hands scribe words over countless
pages. An immortal legacy is borne
as thoughts flow like lifeblood, tapped
from withered veins.

A vision arises, borne atop a cresting wave of
artistic thought that brings life to muse-driven
images. Passions and desires long hidden writhing
through the nib of a quill, as words spill unchecked.

Light days in dark times express themselves
in gleeful abandon as an ailing brain powers
the body-ship onward through cancered
waters towards the light.

A final thought, a missed chance, living for life
instead of deed. Meaning is truly discovered in
the final moments of earthly reign as the wizened
man dots his final I and falls silent, limp hands
brushing paper to earth as he slowly slumps forward





Tree Of Life- A shape poem

the ground
falls acorn,
a seedling of
Earth, taking root as
life begins to spread out
and up in a vibrant burst
of greenery and wood, whose fine
growth is a miracle; a close kept
secret of Mother Nature, the Master
of all gardeners. Years come and go, as the
little acorn blossoms from a sprout to a sapling
and finally into a tree, in whose thick, sturdy
branches squirrels
play and birds nest.
The tree brings forth
new life as the
great Mother hopes.
She smiles and waits.


A college student who lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Jordan Crowder is a practitioner of the enlightened art of Aikido and one-day biologist who enjoys spending time outdoors in the perfect places of the world.

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