Monday 5 May 2014

2 Poems by David Ratcliffe

Bitterest Love

Between what is adored
and in what is perceived
to be right at the time
for a peace to be found
taking hold of one’s nerve
to display what is felt
In a moment of hurting
where blessings are sought

Underlying emotion
spills out at the sides
leaving disguised contortions
behind the facade
though redemption alludes
and returns to the crypt
where the corpse of a soul
has eroded through time

Desperation brings action
though nothing can halt
the controlling of fate
that the ages have cast
by the actions and words
from the closest of kin
that set fire to the wagons
where loved ones exist

In the ashes the truth
burns away into dust
taking with it the bitterest
loss of all time
and the memory of what
was once love so pure
that it caused all who touched it
to perish therein


When ambition exceeds ability
and the twilight beacons call
amid the depths of fretful waters
where the nets of torment trawl

And aspirations float like algae
carried far by natures whim
to a chastened rugged coastline
where your troubles learned to swim

Only ghosts of who you were
are giving clues to what remains
in reflections on the water
since the coming of the rains

Until the deluge loses sight
within the crystals in the air
so all there’s left is the reminder
of someone who chose to care


My name is David Ratcliffe and I live in Fareham, Hampshire on the South coast of England, though I am originally from the North. I have been writing since childhood and my imagination was inspired by the lyrics of ‘Catch the Wind’ by folk singer Donovan, when I was around nine years old I have subsequently written around 70 songs over the years, ‘mainly for my Daughter to sing’ she is a professional actress named Stevie Rose Blake. This musical introduction into poetic verse, lead me to write many poems in my youth, but in later life the music took over a little inspired by my Daughters singing voice. However, I returned to poetry around six years ago after I had found an old book of mine ‘Ariel by Sylvia Plath.’ I was hugely influenced by Sylvia and Ted Hughes while in my teens and finding the book in the attic, I was fired up once more to write poetry. My work uses many structures and topics, but the human condition gets a workout quite a lot.
I have also been inspired and influenced by; Dylan Thomas, William Blake, Edgar Allen Poe, Leonard Cohen and many others. I also enjoy writing short stories and I have included them in my two self-published books of poetry, Scratching the Page and Bonded in Fusion. My work is scrutinised by a fine group of poets who have come together on face book in A Poets Learning Society, which includes Editor Michael Dobson.
Through reading huge amounts of differing styles and structure in writing, I have found my place and confidence and I have much to thank him for. email address;

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