Monday 5 May 2014

2 Poems by Kitty Jospé


she’s in the river  
             running  to wrest
                        the last rays of ribcaged sun
            caught in a rattler’s
snakeskin on the bank
and night lullabys
like love, terrible on either end
            of creation, destruction,
waxing its way.

House of Cards -- II

Card by card, she constructs
            triangular tents
            layered high to higher,
            perched so close to imminent

Little does she know such practice
will serve her well for the slippery games,
and all that lies


Kitty Jospé is a retired French teacher,  an active docent at the art museum, and leads a weekly poetry appreciation session, started during her MFA in creative writing poetry at Pacific University.  She is  involved with multiple collaborations with dance, music, art and word.

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