Monday 5 May 2014

3 Poems by Stacy Gardner

Open as the sky
for those willing to look, thoughts adrift
amidst a ripple and swift the continental drift
exchanges life
How swift

True marmoreal
for things do not stick, a gliding grace
that filled the chip with Thracian beauty
Eyes upon retrace with a detailed embrace
the Thracian beauty

And a bridge was born
built from the very bricks that built the walls
enriching design, trust was the muse in essence falls
Trussed the interlocking dome
for the muse in essence falls

The  Blush

So fresh a blush unfolds under batted lashes
and untold nuances ship north
from butterflies to the heart
trailing tenderness flashes
and from the fluttering of the heart
to the matrix of the brain

I can look only moments
into the purity of the soul and unmould naivety
as the talesman shall never take the stand
the wiseman shall never judge
His eyes to guide me to the promised land
intimate, the infinite nudge
and I purr into my pillow
for I can only look moments
into the purity of his soul and unmould naivety


the dear old friend I long for, I crave
the startling noise of a pin drop, I beg
for a tuneless harmony
of an empty echo

I yearn to mute senses
and pluck whispering feathers
from their source

I ache for the portal
of a soundproof vessel
and a cognizant
black hole

I pray for solace


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