Monday 5 May 2014

1 Poem by A Long

Do not tread on dew —
Because someone wept in the night.

Oh, my dear one, I remember extremely clear,
I read hymns for you in the dawning light.

But do not pray for me this way, please don’t!
I’m guiltless, I will go to see God with this body of yours naked.

But do not count the space between one star and another,
Do not use light year; use gravity, or the flashlight.

Do bloom into a white flower —
Because I will claim like this: We are guiltless, and then we
                                  In my little room, Sept., 9, 1944

About the author:

A Long (19021967), originally named Chen Shoumei, his pennames S.M. Yi Men, etc. was a native of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. In his youth, he went to Shnaghai Gongzhuan University and Kuomintang’s “Central Military School” (the tenth session). He went to Yan’an in 1939. In 1946, he edited a magazine of literature and art Breath in Chengdu. After 1949, he was the director of the editorial department of Tianjin Writers’ Association. He was one of the major theoreticians of the “July” Poetic School, and was sentenced ten years of imprisonment because of Hu Feng Event in 1955. He died of disease in March, 1967. His major works include The Stringless Lute, No Title (collections of poems), People and Poetry, Poetry and Reality (three volumes) and What Is Poetry (monographs of poetics).
                                                             (Tr. by Yang Xu)

[The editor's note:: the above work is selected from 300 New Chinese Poems (1917-2012), a Chinese-English college reader published by Poetry Pacific Press in October 2013.]






                                  194499  蜗居


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