Monday 5 May 2014

3 Poems by Jennifer Ostromecki


Your eyes shine,
Or is it your heart?
Light escapes your every pore,
Beams and gleams bursting through your seams.
Such happiness cannot be contained
Lest one combust
Out of sheer joy and love,
And then where would we be
But a multitude of stars
Fragments of a whole
Twinkling ardently at one another
Forever mingled and intertwined.
But should that be our fate
Eternity would be too short
For in your presence time slips and speeds ahead
Yet, if the fire igniting my heart be any hint
I can’t imagine we lose heat and extinguish
No matter how many years, decades, or millennia pass.
And this is how I know
You love me—
No words or poetry needed—
Just one look from you.
In your eyes
I see starlight.

...July. August. September. October. November...

a kiss on the corner of her lips
transient memory
flitting, fleeting, fled
the only remnant this—
a forgotten bundle of cloth.
your smell no longer in its threads
an empty, crumpled relic
the seams fraying
the fabric thinning at the cuffs
its empty arms wrapped around her
at night a ghost in her bed.
every passing moment
becoming more a part of her than you;
your fabric, but her smell
your name stitched on the cloth
but her presence and wear


Photos on the wall
Tag the highlights of a life
Smiling faces and constant activity
To mask the doldrums of reality


Jennifer Ostromecki graduated from the University of Rochester with a bachelor's degree in British Literature and European History.  Her poetry has appeared in Horrified Press' "Suffer Eternal: Volume One and Three" and Kind of a Hurricane Press' "Of Sun and Sand" Anthology.  Her love of Victorian literature and Metaphysical poetry make her think she was born in the wrong century, but her fondness for social media begs to differ.  Follow her on Twitter: @jomecki

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