Monday 5 May 2014

2 Poems by Ira Melnick

I twist in the wind
Like some unhinged barber pole
Red stripes overlapping

I have been whipped
Those are not stars
They are five pointed scars
Too numerous to count

My pride was annexed years ago
The fifty first state of insanity
Borders blurred

Strop that razor
I lean back

Offer my neck

When there is time
I will sit you down
Tell you all about it

What you will hear
Is not sweet perfume
It is acid
I’ve used it to remove the faces of memories
But there are still traces of noses
And years

Days strung together by razor wire
Weeks set biting on fishhooks
Months of nooses

And if you care anything about me
You will kick the chair
From beneath my feet


Ira Melnick is a poet from Vermont. He has created a large body of work over several years, encompassing a broad spectrum of subject matter. Being unassuming in nature, it has taken some urging and coaxing for him to go public, where he is now receiving very favorable reviews.

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