Monday 5 May 2014

2 Poems by Kathy J. Snow


The northern lights
                             they call her home

 Cry of the wolf
                       forlorn he weeps for her,
 Stars are brilliant with life awaiting her return

The frozen north
                          anticipates new breath of life!

 Warm summer breeze
                                    longs to caress her face
Pulling her back to familiar senses and beings of once a time,

Sun kisses
                 northern lakes in hopes to glimmer the eye!
 Ache - is strong it pulls the heart towards the country of sunsets.

Tis autumn
                 leaves brilliant with spectacular shades

Time is short the chill of winter is lurking - drawing closer with every eve,
Restless turns to anxious, will the heart make it back in time?

Whistling wind
                       brings first snowfall with flurry it arrives!

Tis a blanket of fresh fallen snow that covers the earth to keep it warm

Dancing lights
                      twinkle in brilliance against the snow,

For shadows of footprints not seen by naked eye drifting satisfying from the wind
The soul has come home she has made it safe no more her heart will roam!

City Morning

The early sun awakens the morn,
life clings to the old wood!

“Good morning” thankful for breath of life!
The last few tiny drops of dew glisten, shiver as they
make haste to return whence they came.

In the distance the cardinal scolds warns he is on his way!

I hear the wings of the morning dove hovering, respecting pecking order
at the congested feeder,

Turning my head slightly I observe the tiny bright golden finch, nervously fluttering
seems troubled for his breakfast.

Another distant warning is sounded, etching closer with each burst of flight!

There it is! The first song of the robin coaxing its young ones out of the nest! Slowly careful not to disturb, quick capture brilliance of life!

Shutter speed startles an infant bunny, in a flash it disappears clinging to safety of garden foliage still nervous of life on its own.

My awakening moments spent with the morning...

The sun has kissed the tips of the trees..

The city awakes, the magic is gone.

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