Monday 5 May 2014

2 Poems by Charles F. Thielman


Loon call relaxing
the fist of his heart,

a crescent’s eye glints
silver across midnight’s lake

as dream kneels to lap up echoes.
He’s camped close to shore,
shifting his emotions like diamonds

carried in a linen sack.
Far downstream the blasé

hum a star-spangled fugue.
He’s taking this exit to revise
his peripherals, accepting

changes in the light thought
to feed the ability to day-dream.

Loon call above his city-strung river

of thirst, un-stemmed vein
of needs roped over formless cargo

towards a gentle current,
dream rising in a mirrored shaft.

                                        Crossing a Mural
                     City night waving a calico flag,
              jazz bass thrumming a guttural love song.
                       Your shadow crosses a mural
                     as weekend headlights sweep past
                              lounge doors,
                     guitar picking through what aches

               note to sharp note near midnight’s river.

                       You could carry a crucifix,
                          ward off inhaled thorns,
                     avoid grasping chain-link fence,
                       syllables of your spine formed
                         in an American sea of sounds.

       Your ribs like tuning forks touching this bridge railing.

                     Horizons composed of mirages,
                         trinities genuflecting on ice
                          then the rebirth of wonder
           skates past the truncated ballets caused by logic.
                      You run a gauntlet of echoes.

            City streets snapping the wing bones of dreams
                     as moon-light bisects spotlights,
                 spills over the dry gutters of city knuckles
                     wrapped around  the necks of bottles,

                jazz bass thrumming a guttural song of love.


Born and raised in Charleston, S.C., moved to Chicago, educated at red-bricked universities and on city streets, married on a Kauai beach in 2011, a loving Grandfather for five free spirits, Charles' work as Poet and Artiste continues! His poems have appeared in The Pedestal, Gargoyle, Poetry365, The Criterion [India], Gangway [Australia], Poetry Salzburg [Austria], Poetry Kanto [Japan] and Belle Reve.


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