Monday 5 May 2014

1 Poem by Vladimir Swirynsky

Alien Worlds

She is on the Cover
Stepping out of her crashed
Beautiful legs,
Clear plastic helmet
So we can see
Her beach whisper blond hair.
She undresses to bathe
In a small lake,
Showing just enough
Of  her desk toys that there
Could be no better gift.

I’m just a kid on a bicycle
Turing the pages,
A baseball card in the spokes
To record my journey.
For decades I would dodge
The real world, seeking new earths,
Afraid to grow up,
Ignoring the wild possibilities,
The deep earth beauty
Of the woman
I slept with.


I started writing poetry at the age of 45 after spending two weeks at Mardi Gras. My 20th book of prose just out "Poetry: The Tedious Mining of Words" from New Kiev Publishing.  poems forth coming in The Portland Review, Dead Flowers, A Poetry Rag and Avatar Review.  I hope to move out west, wherever the car breaks down, hopefully near a drive-in theatre in Arizona with a wonderful view of the mountains.

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