Monday 5 May 2014

2 Poems by Felino A. Soriano

this sidewalk’s crack has 

and the nuances of enjoyment jump in cadence
with walkers and their rewalking or their pluralized
plummeting (habit) of the achromatic architecture;
perhaps a decadence involves ________, then when
waiting isn’t a supposed reality beyond justified
frequency of hope, time or the hands of the moving
alteration will, devolve, involving space and the
varied voices of asking to delineate species and
rest in the fallacy of fixated demonstrations

in tribute
                         —for my daughter

my silence believes in your trust

            the eyeing of your favorite hand                                            its
leaning specialized fervor

explanatory exploration


these pluralized spectrums of learning

                        color or the clarity of jazz

and your improvisation impresses
                                                                                                as my

altered becoming from your fundamental burgeon

examines these collections of harmonies                    and

with your progression                         my positional watching
wears the range of your

bouquets’ elated transformations

specialized hanker

advice eclipses nouns or their corporeal
lined with marginalized meanings their
definitional fragrance
fixates toward north
and the misery of now’s
elongated trajectory

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