Monday 5 May 2014

1 Poem by Demond Blake

god’s Acne
A delightful
@ the bar
Decided to
Tell me
About god’s

hmm, i said

He’ll forgive all
Yr transgressions
She said

uh-huh, i nodded

He’ll wipe away
All yr tears
She quoted

i don’t cry
i mumbled

You can bring
All yr troubles
To him
She told me

indeed, i said

You’re a non-believer
She accused

no one wants to
believe more than
me, i corrected

Then what’s keeping
You from embracing
God’s unconditional
Love, she asked

the pimples on god’s
face.  my mug shouldn’t
be clearer than the

You should take
A look in the
she smirked

So I went to
The john and
Took a gander
At myself



Born in Las Vegas in 1979 Demond Blake moved to Los Angeles in the 80s and spent his childhood moving from his parents in LA, his grandparents in Las Vegas and his Uncle's in Manhattan. After graduating high school he briefly enrolled at Redlands University and wrote his first book 'Limbo' about a group of recent high school graduates trying to figure out what to do with themselves as the main character goes through the motions having and losing his first love. After a year of not being able to find a publisher his friends helped him self-publish his novel and they sold copies at campuses around Southern California pricing the book in such a way to just recoup printing costs. He was unsatisfied with this process and unhappy with 'Limbo' and decided to take some time off from the bubble of college life and spent the next few of years doing odd jobs, going to school here and there and sharpening his writing skills through reading and constantly writing poetry. Settling down in Colton,CA a few years ago after living in Oregon he felt he had moved past the themes explored in 'Limbo' and had something to say about his generation as a whole and his second novel 'Slackass' was the result. While looking for representation for 'Slackass' Demond is half way through his third novel 'Sputnik' which is a prequel to 'Slackass'. It is written as a collection of short stories connecting the various characters and their exploits. <>

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