Sunday 5 May 2019

1 Poem by Duane Anderson

Are You Right Footed or Left Footed?

People talk about being right handed

or left handed and manufacturers

make some things to accommodate those differences

like scissors, baseball gloves, golf clubs,

along with a few other items,

or for those who are not very handy and

who could use a left handed monkey wrench

instead of a right handed one,

making me wonder if most people also knew

whether they were right footed or left footed,

or even gave it a thought?

It might not be a common topic of conversation,

though I realized I was right footed

from going out for track and field in school.

I liked going out of the blocks with my right foot,

or hitting the board on the long jump and

triple jump with my right foot,

or even when I walk, I always step

forward with my right foot first.

Does one have the habit of putting socks and shoes

on in a particular order, right foot first, then left?

In football there are left and right footed

punters and place kickers,

or someone kicking you in the butt,

they always tend to favor the same foot,

something I know that for a fact having been

kicked more than my share of times

by my various bosses over the years,

and then there are some that say

they have two left feet and can’t dance.

I guess I too have that same problem

when it comes to dancing.

Maybe I’m not as right footed as I once thought.


Duane currently lives in La Vista, NE.   He has had poems published in Saga, Poetry Now, Telephone, Lunch, Touchstone, Pastiche: Poems of Place, Fine Lines, The Ibis Head Review, Carcinogenic Poetry and several other publications.

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