Sunday 5 May 2019

3 Poems by Tola Ijalusi

Today's Date

There comes a time

in one's lifetime

when occurrences dine with time.

Here comes

a day,

an hour, a minute, a second

when life - time wins

hope or hopelessness

and date holds memories.

We cherish days of


so - same are days of


Sun shall set

Moon might melt

through passage of days


What's today's date?

See The Moon

See the moon
alone this eventide
rightly above, beyond the fence.

By this jamb
memories swims in
of how you sing
clap, dance and render
panegyric with your honey tongue
to earth's lantern.

Now age has won us
awaiting morning of a new life
yet lantern not vague.

We shall come and go
so shall she too
yet this time tomorrow
she shall be here - too
but till when?

See the moon
alone this eventide
rightly above, beyond the fence.

Awaiting Pass

miles away,
somewhere far away
in a land yet unsung
with esoteric foundation.
I explore my lingering thought,
jointly with you Papa and Mama
holding intricate innocent hands of you Sisters
and arms across Brothers shoulders.
But, thought it is
weary wish it remains
as am left to battle
my greatest fear here alone,
here at home
awaiting pass, to come
resting in peace.


Tola Ijalusi is the editor of PAROUSIA Magazine, an online Christian Arts and Literary Magazine. He’s been published in various Journals and Anthologies. He lives in Ibadan, Nigeria

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