Sunday 5 May 2019

2 Poems by Christena AV Williams

Poetry is My Herb

Call it Kush

I smoke fifty bags in lines

Even Hundred

Poetry is my herb

My ital remedy



Smoke me up

And let the herb fumigate

And let its aroma fill the air

Poetry is my herb.

Soul Penetration

I want to be inside your soul

Flowing up and down in your spirit

Embody in your Heart

I desire to swallow your saliva

Savouring the rainbows from your heavens

While you kiss my kingdom

Quell the fire

Tug me so intensely that I sprinkle

And my eyes blow water bubbles

As I have never experience love making


Dig deep in my blue sea

Washing away past lovers

Caress my figure from hips to lips

To the Pacific’s.


Christena AV Williams (born in Jamaica in 1992), Poet, Publisher, Historian and Philosopher. She is an award-winning Author of Pearls among stones. She has recently published Black Gold and Out from Babylon system: Liberation of Mind. She is a finalist in the Hessler street fair poetry contest in Cleveland, Ohio, and she was shortlisted in Desmond O’ Grady Poetry competition, Ireland, Poetry NZ 47, New Zealand, and Shortlisted in jaBlog! Junior authors poetry contest. Also, when she is not writing she volunteers with Manifesto Jamaica and JAYECAN.

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