Sunday 5 May 2019

1 Poem by Wendy Howe

Raven In The Field

Take this patch of meadow
clustered green in clover
and you have a textile
by William Morris.  Hidden in its foliage,
the assumption that love is enough --

the love of  being wild and open,
of flight from anyone or thing
that confines your freedom. And yet

is such love enough
as you turn on the edge of evening,
your hair and shawl falling
into a feathery shadow.


Wendy Howe is an English teacher and free lance writer who lives in Southern California. Her poetry reflects her interest in myth, diverse landscapes and ancient cultures. She has been published in an assortment of journals both on -line and in print. Among them: The Linnet's Wings, Ariadne's Thread, The Tower Journal, Strange Horizons, The Interpreter's House, Tongues Of The Ocean, Stirring A literary collection, Yellow Medicine Review and elsewhere. Recently,  her work has been featured in several themed anthologies exploring myth, nature and dementia

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