Sunday 5 May 2019

2 Poems by Nancy Anne Miller


His aluminum cane clicks!

clicks! As he walks the hall,

the sound of a camera shutter

closing on all the light, swallows it.

The rod, a pick like a paper one

used in parks, it punctuates

silence as it hits ground, collects

seconds of a life, keeps it tidy.

Soon one hand will become

two hands as he uses a walker,

like a gate before him which

bar will rise one day, open.

April Fools

The forsythia branches

curve with the clash of

swords as spring fights

winter back like pirates

fought over a bobbing ship’s

domain in a clamourous sea.

Bent in the arc of a twiggy bow,

the bush shoots out sparks of

buds to win back a season.

The singed cusp of  Icarus’s wing,

we now all yearn to fly too close 

to the sun, even if we perish by fire.


Nancy Anne Miller is a Bermudian poet with six poetry books: Somersault (Guernica Editions 2015), Because There Was No Sea (Anaphora Literary Press 2014), Immigrant’s Autumn (Aldrich Press 2014), Water Logged (Aldrich Press 2016) and Star Map (Future Cycle Press. 2016) Island Bound Mail  (Kelsay Books 2017.) Boiling Hot is forthcoming (Kelsay Books 2018)

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