Sunday 5 May 2019

5 Poems by Michael T. Smith

A Separate Poem

I’ve been one of the lonely
ones --
so long, I even miss

[the silence like an ocean rolled and broke against my ear]
You live in paradise; I live on earth.

I wanted to meet you

I wanted to meet you
            in the plateau of the day
But your shyness preceded you
            And we mirled our own way.


Shadows like Jell-O wiggle in our eyes,
ever morphing to follow mortal cries.

Megalomania, or; Atoms in the Flecks of a Sleepy-Eye

Perfection is in the poor eyesight
of the beholder,

who cannot distinguish
a comma from a pretty period.


I want a novella on how you look
so that I can lick up every word.

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