Sunday 5 May 2019

PP (8.1): Editorial Notes

dear PP Patrons,

for reasons unknown, much of the essential content about our e.journal, including such as our background information, 'mission statement,' 'disclaimer,' 'guidelines,' 'list of associated journals,' 'links to writer's resources,' 'editors' profiles,' on the right side of our main page, has all disappeared recently. initially, we thought it was an internal technical failure, but so far have failed to retrieve it despite much 'blind' effort on our part. perhaps this unexpected removal results from a new google policy? if so, we become a little worried that google could introduce some changes some day all of a sudden that would not allow us to archive our previously published issues permanently. since the very start, we have been using the blog-based format for our publication, mainly because we hope that by so doing we can make all our published poets/poems available 'permanently' online to any reader anywhere any time even if and after we stop operation. (we understand that if we function within a purchased domain like '.com,' everything would be removed once the website is closed.)

several other things just to remind all our poetry submitters:: to minimise our computer time and gain a bit more freedom from the tyrannical rule of the cyber world, we never give links to anyone whose work is featured in PP, since we release each issue exactly on the date as specified in our acceptance emails. also, as a rule, we do never open attachments, nor do we send email requests for bios upon acceptance - please include it in your submission email in the first place unless you prefer not to provide the information. in addition, our response time will be 4 months instead of 6-8 weeks: if you do not get a response within four months after sending your work to us, that means we have released your submitted work back to you.

in this issue, we are honoured to showcase 57 poetry authors and 2 visual artists.

thanks so much for your continued support as well as for your friendly understanding,  and

happy spring while enjoy reading/viewing! 

- eds. @ PP

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