Sunday 5 May 2019

2 Poems by Dah

Moths, Flame

At dawn beneath the light
moths come
to the smoldering ruins
searching the ashes
for loved ones

Ash drifts into the air
like stark remains
of dried ghost
hopeless and frail

When the ashes land
they do not break but
vanish in poofs

like powdered birds
stomped on
by the wind’s foot


Of the circle, the ring gravitates
toward the center
to adore what it loves
following itself round and round

The eye of the center is a realm
of revolving light, or
the embodiment of entering
a primordial passage

This is how we find our purpose
in life
or the vibrancy of human fusion
by circling as one with the other

Of the circle, it appears full
of the circle, it appears empty
Circles are eternal
either full or empty

Gather your tribe and go
round and round
Feel the whirl, the orbit
the planet, circumnavigate

the center, the outer
the inner, the balance
because a circle never leaves itself
never breaks into a lonesome line


Dah’s sixth poetry collection is The Opening (CTU Publishing, 2018) and his poetry has been published by editors from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, Spain, Australia, Africa, Poland, Philippines and India. Dah lives in Berkeley, California and is working on the manuscript for his ninth poetry book. He is Pushcart Prize nominee and the lead editor of The Lounge, a poetry critique
group. Dah's seventh book is forthcoming in July 2018 from Transcendent Zero Press, with his eighth book forthcoming in November 2018 from Stillpoint Books.

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