Sunday 5 May 2019

3 Poems by Felix Fojas

The Greater Mysteries of Mother Nature

Pampering the human body--
Contrary to what abstemious
Hermits and fanatical puritans
Rebuke as a carnal den of shame--
Must be relentlessly starved
To keep its sanctity. Yet this flimsy
Bag of flesh and bones is a holy

Grail and God’s living temple
On earth where zealous epicures
And hedonists, officiating as
Hierophants and high priestesses,
Celebrate the Greater Mysteries
Of Mother Nature in all her
Boundless lush and leafy glory.

Tongue-Twisting Tropes

Behold this synesthesia of syntactical,                                                                             
Synergistic syzygy of tangled, tongue-                                                                                     
Twisting tropes by a telltale teetotaler                                                                                     
Ululating an utterance of understatement                                                                                         
Vociferously in vatic verses of verisimilitude                                                                             
While wrangling with a whimsical, witty                                                                                   
Wizard of words from xenophobic Xanadu                                                                             
Banging at his xylophone as a yodeling,                                                                                           
Yoyo-ing yogi yawns at a Yiddish yeoman                                                                               
Yelping yarns and yarns of zigzagging                                                                                       
Zebras of zithering zeugmas in Zululand.

Parting Words

Song, I release you from all
Your filial obligations
And paternal responsibilities.
You are now free to live
Your own life and Godspeed

In your search and pursuit
Of adventure, career, romance,
Friendship and untrammeled
Joy and happiness. Song,
My only advice and parting

Words to you my son is
To find a listening ear that
Will embrace with open
Arms whatever art. insight
And wisdom you can offer.

Song, nestle in that warm
Heart-shaped love nest forever,
Like a homing pigeon, for
By then you have truly found
Your soulmate and twin flame.

Fill the cup and holy grail
Of her heart to the brim with
Rare, connoisseur words of
Endearment and the precious
Vintage wine of sweet nothings.


An award-winning and internationally published writer, Felix Fojas is a retired advertising creative director and professor who now works for a multinational bank. He has a BA in comparative literature from the University of the Philippines, an MA in linguistics and literature from De Salle University in the Philippines, and a Ph. D in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics in Hollywood, California. Fojas's works have appeared, among others, in Paris/Atlantic Journal, Evergreen Review, Taj Mahal Review, The American Dissident, Snake Nation Review, Nomad's Choir, and Anthology Magazine. He was a recipient of a creative writing fellowship in Cambridge University, England, under the sponsorship of the British Council. A resident of Canoga Park, a suburb of Los Angeles, Felix Fojas is co-host of Pinoy Poets' Circle, a literary blog with over 3,500 members worldwide. His book The Supernatural and Beyond printed by the University of Arizona, which has been made into a movie by Up and Away Productions of Hollywood, California, will soon be released worldwide. Email:

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