Sunday 5 May 2019

1 Poem by M. A. Istvan Jr.

School on Base

Picking right up on the history lesson

as if the school was not just derailed

by a sniffing-dog-and-sirens bomb threat,

at some level everyone—kids included—

are let down not to have been a part

of an incineration of books and concerns.


M. A. Istvan Jr., PhD is a Texas citrus thief. He pinches not just a few grapefruits or oranges here and there. He has coordinated large crews to help him plunder entire acres in the secret of night. Most people stay out of Istvan’s vicinity. His hurried step, fierce expression, and wild hand gestures while speaking (speaking in what is best described as auditory cursive) set off the insanity-detectors ingrained in us by deep history.

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