Sunday 5 May 2019

2 Poems by Ed Woods

Picnic Table


not by weight

rather by thoughts

and friends

lonely times

great times

spilled stories

spilled wine

it has served well

and should be designated

a hysterical historical site

Hallways of My Mind

the love I love

walked away smooth

deep soul few knew

is love going to stay

this time when I need it

you walk down the corridor

hallways of my mind

past every door I have known

some I opened fast

others nailed shut

rooms I cannot go back to

tough for a second stay

love will go forward

and settle on the horizon

think back and see bleakness

look forward to hold your hand

as we hold for the night

kiss your cheek

see your smile

solitary touch sends me high


Ed was born in Toronto and currently lives in Dundas, Ontario. The creative writing process began with workshop encouragement from attendees to write of topic related to experiences. Ed has been heavily involved in infrastructural employment such as communications and hydro services, Natural Gas line and underground vault construction, as an aviation pilot, chemical tanker truck driver, casinos, and many others. He now has several chapbooks of poetry and short stories and Haiku.

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