Sunday 5 May 2019

12 Haiku/Senryu by Nadia Giordana

That thing.
I wish I’d done it sooner.
That thing I always talked about.

Waiting for the other
shoe to drop. Or should I say
shoestorm to blow in?

In arguments, one
must consider that you may
be the one who’s wrong.

Worst ways to resolve
conflicts and personal issues:
texting and email.

Don’t ask me to
Explain my poetry,
I wrote it for you.

Be capable of
graciously moving on and
you’re free to move up.

Tearing down others
won’t give a leg up. Look, you’re
standing on rubble.

Wisdom. I do try
to use it more than not, so
please meet me halfway.

Internet trolls are
not always strangers, sometimes
they’re disguised as friends.

Knock this chip off my shoulder
she said, join the fray.
Me, I walk away.

Family drama
it’s the children who suffer
when the curtain falls.

Mental illness kills,
hearts break, families shatter.
When will they be okay?


Nadia Giordana is the editor and publisher of WINK: Writers in the Know magazine, a print publication with a digital companion ( She is also a producer, host, and co-host on several community-focused television shows in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. He primary website is

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