Sunday 5 May 2019

2 Poems by Joseph E. Arechavala


Amidst desiccated brown

the scatterings of snowflakes

and gray ground once soft

with spring

a flutter of winged scarlet,

a sign of glory

brings a smile

He alights, turns to me

and chirps, a semi-

musical complaint

about the lack of birdseed

then twists his head

as though to tell me I

ought to be working

instead of dreaming

the rules of the rules

the rules of the rules broken again

some words you’ve read before:



[did you pay attention to these?]





[words are/aren't reality]

are these words making a poem yet?

are the

pauses more important than words?

does what I say matter more than the silences?

poetry is tragic

I am a tragedy


Joseph E. Arechavala lives in Camden, NJ, born and raised there all his life. He has been writing for over two decades, and has stories and poems published online and in print as well as a self-published novel, Darkness Persists: A Vampire Novel. He is currently working on an anthology of fantasy and horror stories.

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