Saturday 5 November 2016

1 Poem by Bradford Middleton


I got as drunk as Li Po and deranged my senses just like young Rimbaud

I went as far as I could in a bid to forget all the tragedies and afflictions this life has caused

And very briefly, last weekend, I almost went as the maddest of mad men

That went all the way just like the old dead Bukowski would have wanted

But I pulled back and sit here now, knee aching but mind feeling as if it couldn’t take anymore

So you know what, I just got to stop and be happy with the me you see and read.


Bradford Middleton lives in Brighton on England’s south coast.  He has a couple of poetry chapbooks currently available, one via Crisis Chronicles Press called Drink Drank Drunk whilst the one from Holy & Intoxicated Press is entitled A Life Like This Ain't For The Faint Hearted.  He tweets occasionally @beatnikbraduk.

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