Saturday 5 November 2016

4 Artworks by Duane Locke

Artistic Statement

I feel with Nietzsche, all our learning and beliefs need transformation.  Agree with Deleuze and Guattari, we need a new mode, and entirely different approach to thinking about values and beliefs than what is traditional.. I follow Foucault that In visual arts we should seek what has never been rather what is. I feel our past social construction of what is called life are obsolete. In my non-representational and non-mimetic images I seek to unconceal that the reality that by our mistaken knowledge has been concealed from us.


Duane Locke lives hermetically alone in Tampa by ponds with alligators, gallinules, anhingas, ibis, egret, heron, etc.  As a visual artists has had 671 magazine publications, 2 books.  He is a both a nature photographer  and abstract--He introducted his visual arts inventions called sur-objects in May 1916, and since then has had 38 publications. Also, a poet.  Has had 7060 different poems published, 33 books.

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