Saturday 5 November 2016

2 Poems by Steven Wittenberg Gordon


When the rains began we laughed and played
Splashing in the puddles formed
And when the puddles coalesced to pools
And then to ponds we swam about
Tossing our manes flicking our tails
Never thinking that the ponds
Would become lakes and raging rivers.

Much later when the ship had sailed
And water covered all the earth
Our cavorting turned to sorrow
And our tears added to the Flood
Ironically as we treaded water
Desperate to stay alive
Yet knowing we were doomed.

We cried out to the Lord to save us
But finally we sank too tired to go on
The horns that made us unique
Among the equine order last to slip below
Then we felt ourselves transforming
Of the glorious creatures we once were
Only our horns remained to remind us.


I am a particle
I am a wave
But now that you see me
I am so much more.


Poet, writer, editor, physician, and gentleman songster, Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD was raised in what was once the dairy country of upstate New York. He received his BA from Amherst College and his MD from Albany Medical College, and then completed a family practice residency in Wisconsin. After practicing medicine for several years in various locations, he volunteered for service with the United States Air Force and had many memorable adventures as a flight surgeon.  While on active duty, he played a small part in the military’s response to the tragic tsunami that struck Indonesia in 2004.

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