Saturday 5 November 2016

5 Poems by Guy Farmer

Of Course

Of course we didn’t talk about it.
We never do, never have, never will,
Never mind.

A giant question mark that keeps
You from running, jumping, dreaming
Out loud.

Open your precious gilded box,
The one with all the secrets in it;
Carefully arranged, excommunicated.

Look around furtively, someone might
See who you are when you’re not
Ready for visitors.

Sadness of the Gatekeeper

Sadness surrounds
The gatekeeper.
So many precious hours
Spent making things
More convoluted,
Blocked, obstructed,
Rather than helping.
Pathological need to
Control driving base lust
For petty power.
Things are more difficult
Around here,
Thanks to me,
That’s how I matter.

His Act

I wonder if he
Realizes how
Tightly wound –
Unhappy –
Harsh he looks;
Whether he has
Any understanding
Of how he comes
Across to others,
But I doubt
He does –
Self-awareness not
Being very important
To his sort.
His forced laugh –
A rough interjection,
His brow a knot of
Unresolved pain,
His words permeated
With simmering fear,
I’m sure people who
Are like him will
Readily buy
His act,
But I don’t.

I Turned My Back

I turned my back
On art and she,
Knowing more than me,
Waited patiently while
I sorted things out,
Struggling day to day,
Existing as another
Until I finally
Saw her as she
Had always been.

Extra Effort

Unending flow of information –
Neurons firing chaotically,
Entertainment blather,
The superficial supersedes.

Like the easy stuff,
Eschew deeper meaning
Requiring extra effort –
Critical thinking,

The odd child,
It languishes alone,
Brushed aside, unstudied,
Ignored, but no less
Important, valuable.


I’m lucky enough to wake up each day and be able to create new poems that reflect my vision and hopefully make the world a better place.

My poetry examines the frailties, foibles, and triumphs of human beings. I especially enjoy looking at hurt and brokenness, not because I dwell in it, but rather because I believe people can heal and become more whole.

I run several poetry blogs where I publish my work, including Poems and Poetry

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  1. It is very nice to see good poems by Guy Farmer, a fine and busy editor, in a venue like Poetry Pacific. The right place for a good writer.