Saturday 5 November 2016

1 Poem by Christopher Konrad


The breeze is gentle today
the tea soothes            the Beatitudes forgive
If this is love then give me more in this New Year quiet and more
somehow elemental, this seat and nook
foraging, even if the gods have retired
and politicians recite poetry
What day is it? What nerve
weathered and somewhat beaten       gloom-aired
but still             and never-the-less
in the atmosphere of disquietude
a storm awaits its tea cup of you and I


Chris is a Western Australian writer. He has co-authored several poetry books, including Sandfire (2012) published by Sunline Press, with other WA poets. He has poems and short stories published in many journals and online including Westerly, Regime, Page Seventeen, Wet Ink, Creatrix, Swamp, Axon, Island, Cordite. Tamba, Southerly.  Along with many other awards he received First Prize for the Tom Collins Poetry Award (2009) and the Todhunter Literary Award (2012) for a short story. He is published in Best Australian Poems 2013. He completed his doctorate in creative writing (2012) at Edith Cowan University. His book, Letters to Mark, was published by Regime Books in 2014.

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